Sunday, January 22, 2012

Well it is clear that I suck at keeping in touch and updating anything about our little family. However life is good. We are all healthy happy and busy little bee's. Daddy Curtis has been making it all happen. He is working on finishing up his degree in Dietetics, working at Banner Good Sam Hospital, being a good dad and husband. One of the big high lights this year was that we were able to go to his first NYG Football Game because they came to play the Az Cardinals. Oh yeah they won. Also he became one of the biggest D-backs fans, attending at least 15 games this season. Nichole and I both enjoyed going on dates with him to the games. Nichole is our big SECOND GRADER! Toot Toot Nichole is a straight A student too! She just turned 7 at the end of December which is hard to believe. This past summer she was on the City of Mesa swim team. She did awesome! Made it to the second round of the semi finals. She loves playing outside riding her bike or scooter. But don't let that fool you she is all girl. She loves curling her hair, getting dress-up and even trying to wear make-up. Nichole has really been blessed has so have we with some really awesome friends. Rachel from school is a sweet girl and they get alone wonderful. The Cook's and Garn's are also her favorite friends to go to the park with or just hang out with. Nichole is a close to perfect child and big sister. I am not sure that it gets any better then her. Brother Curtis is well my baby boy. Even on a good day he is wild and funny thing is I don't know that we would change it. Curtis can melt our hearts and drive us crazy all at the same time. He is almost 3 and super busy. He loves to ride the quad, his bike and play football. He also has a good time getting into all of Nichole's treasures. lol isn't that what all little brothers do. He has been working very hard at being a good Big brother too. Has only managed to get hold of Stella and drop her twice in four months. But really he worries whenever she cries and always wants to help take care of her. Curtis is a great kid. Yes, that is right I did say Stella. She is the latest addition to the Armijo family. Stella Rae-Lynn joined us Sept. 17th at 11:47. She was perfectly healthy at 36 weeks and weighted in at 7lbs 14oz same has Nichole. Dad and Mom. Stella was sure a surprise and the result of all Nichole praying for a little sister I am sure. She is a bundle of love and joy everyday in our home. We are so blessed to have her. As for myself I have been doing my best to manage our family of 5. Everyday has it’s challenges that is for sure but Curtis and our kids are my world and I love them! I hope that everyone has a wonderful 2012 has I hope we do.

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